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SISU (see'-soo) is a Finnish term which represents steadfast endurance and grit even in the face of adversity. At Sisu Sports Management we recognise that you have shown these qualities to get you to where you are now in your career.

We nurture and support your development on and off the field so that you are confident that all your affairs are being looked after by people you trust, leaving you to focus on your football.  

The services that we provide in-house enable us to concentrate on our clients needs with a focus on achieving their objectives.


We provide a full representation service to our clients including contract negotiation, endorsements, lifestyle support and sponsorship. 


We recognise the importance of delivering partnerships which are mutually beneficial to brands, athletes and rights holders. 


We build our clients exposure and off-pitch image and brand through media partnerships and opportunities to enhance their profile.


We help our clients develop on and off the pitch with career development forming an integral part of the action plan from the outset.


Working alongside recognised leaders we provide organisational and industry advice to professional football clubs and national federations.  


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